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Frekvence 1 is the radio that blends the playlists with The station features a massive helping from the big bands and other [ Czech Republic : Frekvence 1] 4 Frekvence 1 Rozhlasové stanice.

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Frekvence 1 FAQ

What channel is Frekvence 1 on the radio?

Frekvence 1 is on 102.5 FM.

What frequency is Frekvence 1?

The Frekvence 1 frequency is 102.5 FM.

What is on Frekvence 1 now?

Click listen now to find out what is playing on Frekvence 1 now.

What Music genre does Frekvence 1 play?

Současná and news. Světová hudba and news.

Frekvence 1 Legendy Frekvence 1 Legendy999.49 FM from Česká republika
Listen to Frekvence 1 Legendy online free streaming at TopRadio. Frekvence 1 Legendy Prague Czech Republic
Frekvence 1 Československé Hity Frekvence 1 Československé Hity from Česká republika
120 rader · European radio stations streaming live on the internet. Home. New additions. Contact. Czech Republic. Radio station: Location: Student radio: Frekvence 1: Prague